Model Predictive Control and the Future of Process Control

This article discusses how model predictive control can resolve a decline in capital productivity faced by chemical process industries. Common control strategies are reviewed, and the need for dynamic process optimisation is discussed. An outline of the model predictive control strategy and implementation strategy is presented.

Industrial Pumps Overview

A thorough overview and introduction to all types and purposes of industrial pumps


Pipe wall thickness design is a crucial part of pipeline design – for performance, safety and commercial factors. This article covers onshore pipeline wall thickness calculation – based on the ASME B31.8 standard.

Renewables Scaleup and its Impact on Global Mining

This article aims to assess the impact of the energy transition on minerals availability and to answer the question of whether these could become critical to the power and the transport sectors due to the high metal content of low-carbon technologies compared to conventional technologies.

Petroleum Storage Terminal Basics

This article is developed to give a general overview of a typical petroleum storage terminal or depot. It will cover some of the technical requirements to be fulfilled in designing and operating a storage terminal.


Fire suppression systems field contains many different engineered categories with different ideologies. They are all gathered to build a system to extinguish fires through various types of applications and substances

Big Data in the Oil & Gas Industry

Energy companies necessitate the embracement of advanced digital technologies to improve operational efficiency. Let’s explore the importance of Data Analytics for the oil and gas industry: this article utilises evidence associated with recent Big Data deployments in oil and gas to demonstrate its vast potential.

Reboot and Re-Visualize: Architectural Design Principles for a post-Covid-19 office workplace

In an environment where COVID-19 does not differentiate between borders, ethnicities, disability, status, age or gender, the workplace setting should continue to be welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and supportive environments to all. But how does this ‘’new face’’ of office environments look?

Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Reuse Opportunities

This article looks at various waste water treatment and effluent reuse opportunities, including an in-depth look at the underlying biological and chemical reactions.

Conceptualizing a Feasible Pipeline Project

This article is written to give an overview of the stages involved in executing a pipeline project. There are different stages in executing a pipeline project; the construction and installation stages are the most visible. However, there are fundamental stages (Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Design) that must be executed appropriately before the detailed design and construction activities.