Refining process of crude oil

This article looks at the various processes involved in the process of refining crude oil

Overview of Gas Compression Facility

The article will give an overview of a typical natural gas compression facility. The article will also cover other ancillaries in a gas compression facility.

Hydrogen Fuel Overview

Hydrogen has been gaining increasing attention due to its energetic potential and reduced impact on the environment in contrast to traditional fuels. This article outlines the reasons behind hydrogen fuel as a valuable energy resource and the pathways to tackle its major limitations.

Celebrating the women in Architecture and Construction

Women’s participation in architecture across the borders of the world has been remarkably varied, and has its scars on the face of history to show for it. The nature of this participation depended on time, place, and custom where women have historically served as patrons, architects, engineers, managers, and muses; acting as key figures on small and large scale construction projects.


Carbon capture has actually been in use for years. The oil and gas industries have used carbon capture for decades as a way to enhance oil and gas recovery. Only recently have we started thinking about capturing carbon for environmental reasons.

Architecture for The Modern Retail Fuel Station

The fuel station become an icon in the landscape – not because of its stature, hierarchy, intrigue, beauty or even spatial experience, but merely for the distinct fact that it succeeds in its function: filling up thirsty fuel tanks and hungry stomachs, providing vehicle-services and guiding road users on their journey.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

This article explains the principle of horizontal directional drilling as it relates to pipeline installation. It will also highlight some technical requirements that should be fulfilled for the successful execution of horizontal directional drilling.

Skid Mounted LNG Liquefaction For Flare Gas

commercial interest in implementing solutions for flare gas utilization has significantly improved, with a range of technology applications. One of the most promising options is the conversion of flare gas to LNG through use of mini or small scale LNG liquefaction plants – modular (skid-mounted) LNG liquefaction plants

Process Control Automation in Oil & Gas (Downstream)

Process Control Automation is the latest and innovative value-adding service in Oil & Gas downstream. In the Oil & Gas Industry, it is crucial to regulate process variables to achieve the task of Process automation.

Natural Gas Development in Africa

Twenty-Two African countries have proven gas reserves. Nigeria, Libya, Algeria and Egypt contain 91% of Africa’s gas reserves, and Africa itself contains approximately 10% of the global gas reserves. This gas could help tremendously in addressing the severe power shortage that plagues most of Africa. This is one of the fundamental driving forces behind the LNG development in Africa.