The Future of Shopping Centres Infrastructure Development

This article aims to examine the influence of tenant and user types on small retail/lifestyle centre development in towns.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP)

In 2006, Lake Albert sparked hopes in Uganda when 6.5 billion barrels of oil were discovered in the Albertine Graben, the basin of Lake Albert. The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) looks to transport that oil all the wat to Tanzania and the world.

Social Responsibility in Extractive Industries

There is a variety of responsibilities assigned to extractive companies by investors, the host community, law enforcement and other stakeholders. Let’s discuss them from a social sustainability perspective.

Reuse and Recycling of Produced Water – Obstacles and Opportunities

Produced water is the largest amount of waste product generated during oil and natural gas exploration and production. The customary practice to dispose of the water is becoming more challenging. Obstacles and opportunities for produced water reuse are presented.

Renewables and Microgrids

Innovation will boost the transition towards net-zero microgrids by gradually raising the penetration of renewable sources. Let’s see how.

Pipeline Crossing Analysis – Focus on Road Crossing Design

Pipelines design and construction entails series of technical activities that must be adequately planned, including executing pipeline road and railroad crossings. This article will focus on pipeline crossings (roads and railroads).

Natural Gas in the Caribbean

Natural gas can provide a feasible alternative to curtail fuel oil dependency in the Caribbean. Advances in the global natural gas markets are creating an opportunity to bring it to the region.

Isotopes as a Tool for Petroleum Exploration

As global oil exploration targets progressively deeper and older rocks, data from hydrocarbon-bearing strata is increasing attention. This review article aims to examine the evolution of applied geochemical techniques with specific emphasis on isotopes' utilisation.

Global GHG Emissions

Accounting for greenhouse gas emissions is becoming a higher priority. Here is where most emissions come from—and how long it might take to cut them.

EV Emissions: A Life-Cycle Approach

The electric car is not zero-emission: you have to build it, and you have to produce and transport the electricity for recharging. But then, how better is it compared to the traditional fossil-fuelled vehicle?