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EPCM specialise in fire system design, manufacturing, construction, procurement and maintenance.

We focus on complete turnkey projects and fire consulting in the sectors of building, industrial, construction, mining and plants, and petrochemical plants

We also provide environmental monitoring in underground, plant and building focussing on fire prevention methods by utilising fibre technology to indicate heat accumulation and gas build up indicating higher risk and instructing clients to act on the risks before it reaches a critical point where los of life, infrastructure and down time due to fires in inevitable.

Among our expertise we have knowledge of Foam, Deluge Water Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Gaseous Fire Systems, Suppression Systems and Specialised Detections Systems. As well as Rational Design incorporating all our knowledge and current technology in supplying our customers with the best possible solution.

Epcm utilises and consults on the current SANS, NFPA, British standard and FM standards to ensure our clients risks are covered. Servicing as a technical engineering and code consulting resource to a range of clients.

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Typical Activities

  • Feasibility studies
  • Turnkey/EPC projects
  • Rational fire designcurrents)
  • Plant and conveyor protection
  • Deluge and sprinkler system design and installation
  • Gaseous fire protection systems (inert gasses, FM 200, Novec 1230, Aerosol systems)
  • Air sampling detection
  • Conveyor belt and plant detection
  • Distribution temperature and sensing systems
  • Complete mine design and installation

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