We provide comprehensive industrial maintenance services for clients across diverse industries, delivering operational efficiency and certainty.

These services are offered as standalone or part of full turnkey industrial projects.

All our industrial services are executed in-house with our experienced staff and specialist equipment.

Hot Tapping and Line-Stopping

We execute complex hot tapping on pipelines and tanks 


We offer operational readiness services – commissioning projects already existing or undergoing expansions


We offer standard and advanced NDT services 

Heat Treatment

We offer post-weld heat treatment, pre-heat, normalising and quenching

Specialist Welding

Specialist welding includes in-service welding, exotic materials, and automatic sub-arc welding

Scanning & Drones

3D scanning with drone and fixed-position scanners and the processing of captured data

Tank Cleaning

Onsite fuel tank cleaning services to various industries – removing free and entrained water, sludge, microbial growth and other contaminants

Insitu Coating

Expertise in applying coatings to the inside of pipelines and other structures to combat corrosion issues, improve flow efficiency and product purity


Pigging solutions help improve pipeline flow, increase operating efficiency and reduce costs and downtime.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning of boilers, heat exchangers, towers, pipelines and tanks.

Pressure Testing

Testing pipelines and various systems with hydrostatic, pneumatic or nitrogen testing techniques.

Sandblasting & Painting

We offer commercial painting and sandblasting as part of our end-to-end manufacturing services