EPCM Technologies deliver a wide range of custom solutions. We pride ourselves in out of the box thinking suiting the client’s needs. Our team has a wide range of experience. Delivery options range from drone and aerial solutions to terrestrial scanning and augmented reality to increase plant performance and plant monitoring with app developments.

We focus on the following sectors

  • Mining
  • Heavy Industry
  • Precision Farming
  • Commercial
  • Hi-density Residential


  • Drone and Aerial solutions
    • Volumetric calculations
    • Cut and Fill calculations
    • Contours
    • Flood analysis
    • Hi resolution aerial photos
    • Inspections of dangerous areas
      • Drones
      • Crawlers
      • Site specific robotic solutions
  • Bathometric surveys
    • Bathometric Drone Survey of rivers, dams, ocean floor where traditional methods are not viable
  • Reverse Engineering
    • 3D laser scanning, modeling and manufacturing of specific components (Gears, intricate mechanical components, etc.)
    • Quality control using 3D laser measurement with µm accuracy
  • 3D terrestrial scanning
    • mm accuracy in constructing as-built documentation
    • 3D virtual modeling
    • 3D point clouds to aid in planning, clash detection and training
  • Building Information Management
    • Full BIM modeling and implementation
    • Scheduling, Costing, Preventative maintenance and Digital Twin.
    • Integration with Internet of Things (IoT)
  • VR and AR
    • Implementation of collected data into an immersive Virtual Reality environment
    • Virtual walk throughs
    • Interactive models for training and maintenance planning
    • Clash detections
    • Augmented reality for progress monitoring and quality control
  • Software development
    • Monitoring and asset management
  • Electrical optimisation
    • Demand management
    • Alternative power
      • Solar
      • Gas to Power
      • Tri-gen
      • Ice storage
      • Thermal Energy

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