EPCM was contracted to conduct a engineering and risk assessment study to consider the feasibility of transporting LNG in small-scale LNG vessels (shuttling) from Nigeria (Port of Lagos) to Ghana (Tema Port). LNG import infrastructure was also assessed to transport LNG via trucks app. 50km between the Tema Port and two power generation facilities (Sunon Asogli Power Limited & Trojan Power Limited). The power facilities were previously operated on diesel fuel. The port facilities also include allowance for bunkering operations and STS transfers

Services provided:

  • In addition to technical support provided for the project development, the following related services were provided:
  • Infrastructure identification, concept developments and scoping;
  • Logistical, operations and maintenance planning;
  • Shipping routing and navigational studies;
  • Mooring analysis;
  • Bunkering facilities designs and risk assessments;
  • Regulatory framework review in relation to bunkering operations;
  • CAPEX & OPEX estimations;
  • Financial & economic analysis.