Along the existing pipeline, various third-party intrusions existed and product was “lost” from the Tema Oil Refinery to the Akosombo Terminal. The pipeline was decommissioned and has been deemed out of service for more than five years.

Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST), owner of the TAPP line, decided to recommission the line in 2016. To successfully recommission the line, the entire pipeline system had to be analysed and various sections had to be refurbished. EPCM was appointed as the EPC contractor to refurbish and recommission the pipeline. The project was taken over from a local contractor.

Services Provided:

  • Integrity assessment and DCVG survey;
  • Repairing/Replacing existing Cathodic Protection system;
  • Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM) to identify the third-party intrusion locations and necessary cut outs;
  • Replacement of pipelines;
  • Installing new supply and return lines (2.4km) underneath the Adomi bridge, across the Volta River;
  • Refurbishing pump stations, pig launching and pig receiving facilities;
  • Refurbishment of mainline valve chambers
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, this included displacing the existing sludge in the pipeline;
  • Installation of new route markers; and
  • Recommissioning of the pipeline