EWURA is the regulatory authority of the downstream petroleum operations carried out in the mainland of Tanzania. EWURA contracted EPCM to perform an Integrity Assessment on the receiving facilities at Dar es Salaam, Mtwara and Tanga ports. EPCM conducted an integrity assessment to ensure the current import system meets current industry standards and that the differences in import volumes and volumes leaving the port via the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) are within acceptable limits.

The downstream petroleum receiving processes in Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Mtwara consists of offloading infrastructure for liquid petroleum products which include:

  • Single Point Mooring (SPM) which handles oil vessels of up to 150,000 DWT;
  • Kurasini Oil Jetty 1 (KOJ1) which handles vessels with maximum capacity of 45,000 DWT;
  • Kurasini Oil Jetty 2 (KOJ2) which handles oil vessels with maximum capacity of 5,000 DWT;
  • Tanga port with capacity to handle vessels up to 35,000 DWT;
  • Mtwara Port – not in operation.

Services Provided:

  • Regulatory framework Assessment;
  • Visits and inspections of 22 storage depots;
  • Compilation of Google Earth drawings of existing pipelines in Des, Tanga and Mtwara;
  • P&ID’s of the existing pipelines to all OMC’s in Des, Tanga and Mtwara;
  • Inspection reports of the pipelines’-, tank farms’- and operational integrity; and
  • Recommendations to mitigate/fix the causes of fuel volume discrepancies, high demurrage cost and inefficient operation