The Society Ivnorienne de Raffinage SA (SIR) awarded EPCM a feasibility study for proposes infrastructure upgrades at SIR

The work executed on the Vridi channel has led to powerful marine currents especially during high tide operations. The use of the oil wharves has therefore become difficult and expensive and SIR is aiming at a new solution othat oculd benefit them as well as possibly the adjacent facilities to SIR>

The current operations at SIR consist of the import and export of white products and the import of black products. Two dedicated pipeline are currrently in operation at SIR. The pipelines’ details are the following:

  • One 24″ pipeline connecting SIR to a CBM offshore via a subsea pipeline which is used for the transport of white products i.e. kerosene, gasoline (essence) and gasoil.
  • One 42″ pipeline connecting SIR to an offshore SPM via a subsea pipeline through which crude oil in imported into SIR.

The purpose of this stuy is to investigate and propose a solution regarding the newly proposed pipelines(s) for the import and export of white products and/or butane. The sutyd is aimed at providing preliminary design solutions based on the following options:

  • Option 1 – Import and export of white products via a new SPM
  • Option 2 – Import and export of white prouducts vis the previously mentioned SPM while also allowing for an additional pipeline for the import of butane to PETROCI.
  • Option 3 – An additional allowance to option 2 to allow for the import of white products to adjacent facilitities via the same SPM

The study furthermore will provide additional detail on an option specific basis of the following items.

  • The new pump station sizing, details and location (used for the expoert of the various white products)
  • New metering station sizing, location and design details
  • New automated valve chamber lcoation and design details
  • Pipeline(s) sizing (two for options 2&3 and one for the first option)