The facility was procured by Royale Energy from BP. Modifications on the existing facility were required from Royale Energy for different products and storage volumes. Piping modifications were done, tank modifications to suit alternate products and tank floor replacements were required. Associated facilities were also refurbished including, among other, the firefighting and cathodic protection system.

The project included full repair of various leaking storage tanks, piping, pumps, cathodic protection systems, firefighting systems, valves, loading arms and other ancillary equipment.

Services Provided: 

  • FEED, detailed engineering, inspections, hydrostatic tests and repair of all the storage tanks and piping sections on site, to store and transport products at full capacities in accordance with API Standards;
  • Reconnection to the Transnet feed pipeline infrastructure;
  • Inspection and upgrade of the firefighting system to fulfill South African National Standards;
  • Modification of gantry piping to fill road tankers with the different products being stored;
  • 3D model;
  • Rewriting of operation procedure for the depot;
  • Major Hazard Installation study; and
  • Electrical and control systems certification of compliance