EPCM is appointed to develop a South African Gas Master Plan Consultation Document for iGas SOC Ltd on behalf of the Department of Energy. The final consultation document will provide a proposal on the strategic way forward, including a roadmap and key milestones for the successful development of the national Gas Master Plan.

Services provided:

Preparation Phase

All information available and relevant to gas strategic development plans for South Africa will be gathered and reviewed. Particular attention will be afforded to the review of the South African Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) and Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), since the IEP provides a roadmap of the future energy landscape for South Africa, which guides future energy infrastructure investments and policy developments, while the IRP provides a national electricity plan, including preferred generation technologies and timelines. The review will highlight future gas infrastructure development requirements, particularly to enable gas-to-power and gas-to-liquid developments.

Gas Value Chain Overview

The existing upstream, midstream and downstream gas value chain in South Africa will be defined.

The future gas value chain for South Africa will be formulated based on the proposed gas associated developments defined in the IRP and IEP. The proposed infrastructure time frame, required to meet die future gas value chain objectives, will be defined and assessed.

Regulatory Framework Assessment

EPCM’s legal specialists will give insight towards the necessary institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks to facilitate gas market development, through reducing and avoiding monopoly within the gas supply sector.

As global trade grows, reliance on easy movement of goods and services across countries become important. Rules that exist at borders or discrepancies in country-level policies, can be problematic. Regulatory policy comparison will be done between South Africa and potential neighbouring gas supply countries, like Mozambique and Tanzania, to highlight any discrepancies that could present future barriers to trade.

New Gas Prospects

All potential South African connections regarding relevant gas development activities will be identified, through review and assessment of client supplied material and sourced reports.

Potential viable projects applicable to the South African gas value chain will be evaluated in terms of project implementation timeframes, project values, product supply- and demand volumes.

The assessment will not only focus on industrial users for heating or power generation purposes, but also take into consideration chemical plants (ammonium nitrate, sodium cyanide, methanol, peroxide), GTL-, cement-, pulp and paper plants, food and beverage industries and vehicle fuel markets (LNG and CNG).

A list of short-, medium- and long-term projects for the Gas Master Plan roadmap will be compiled.


A SWOT analysis will be included to critically analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the South African gas value chain.

A PESTEL analysis will also be performed to assess the global business environment and provide a structure for investigating and analysing the external marketing environment. The political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal aspects of the gas market will be identified.

The desired gas infrastructure state, accounting for gas supply and demand, as well as the transportation thereof, will be defined. A short-, medium- and long-term roadmap will be developed, focused on the infrastructure projects required to achieve the desired state.

The roadmap will capture the overall size of investment; stakeholder opportunities; labour, civil society and new employment aspects; Strategic drivers, priority areas and prospective technology advances; project development timelines; and project implementation timelines to meet the desired state.