Transnet Pipelines (TPL), a division of Transnet SOC Ltd, own and operate strategic pipeline infrastructure for the transport of petroleum and gas in South Africa, which includes a network of some 3 800km of high-pressure petroleum and gas pipelines, transporting 17 billion litres of diesel, unleaded petrol, aviation turbine fuel and crude oil per annum.

The Secunda Tele Mechanical Phase 2 Project include the upgrade if the Secunda pump station on Transnet’s refined products pipeline network. The battery limits for the project include the valves, high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) manifold, spill basin, flow meters, pumps, tanks, pig launchers and all other ancillary equipment within the bund area of the Secunda pump station.

Services provided:

Engineering design phase scope of services:

  • Facilitate a HAZOP with TPL on the fire system and product system;
  • Facilitate the provision of all “HAZOPPED” P&IDs to others (sub-contractors / Principal Contractor / etc.);
  • Review 3D model developed by another consultant;
  • Ensure that existing model including temporary connections required is accounted for executing the FEL 4 works;
  • Review fire plant model to be in accordance with “HAZOPPED” P&IDs;
  • Review, verify and accept existing stress analysis- and hydraulic studies done for the LP and HP manifold area including fire system piping;
  • Review and confirm in cooperation with TPL FEL 3 Gate Review criteria and requirements;
  • Review existing FEL 3 designs (for product and fire system) and execution deliverables done by another consultant;
  • Perform outstanding engineering designs & execution deliverables to meet FEL 3 Gate Review requirements. The following are known to still be developed by the Engineering Contractor:
  • Operational procedures for the product- and fire system based on existing P&IDs;
  • Scope of work for refurbishment of valves;
  • Design of the HP & LP manifold temporary connections to accommodate the transition from “as-is” to proposed status;
  • Compile Bill of Quantities (BOQs) for civil-, mechanical-, piping-, electrical-, control & instrumentation and cathodic protection work packages based on the “reviewed” designs;
  • Works information for civil-, mechanical-, piping-, electrical-, control & instrumentation and cathodic protection work packages based on existing designs;
  • Scope of services for AIA (should TPL require this based on potential project risks for using existing TPL AIA);
  • Ensure designs comply with FEL 3 Gate Review criteria and specified design codes, standards and TPL requirements;
  • Ensure proposed technical and execution deliverables developed in FEL 3 is at “issue for tender” and “approved for construction” status;
  • Support TPL with evaluations during FEL 3 Gate Review period up to approval

Construction phase scope of services:

  • Facilitate site establishment of the contractor/s on site;
  • Manage Principal Contractor for the duration of the construction works;
  • Perform health, safety and environmental monitoring and audits for the duration of the construction works;
  • Ensure works performed by Principal Contractor are in accordance with accepted designs approved by Engineering Contractor;
  • Update existing 3D dwg model from “as-is” to “as-built” status – taking accountability and ownership of the model (for fire- and product system);
  • Ensure pre-commissioning checklist and approvals for all equipment is obtained;
  • Manage the plant check out, compilation of data packs by Principle contractor. Generate punch lists for Principle contractor/s, ensure punch items are completed and signed off prior to hand over and commissioning;
  • Review asset register spread sheet for TPL to migrate into its SAP Plant Maintenance System;
  • Manage the commissioning process, obtain pre-commissioning checklists and conduct operations readiness inspections for shutdown;
  • Ensure all equipment installed by contractor/s are complete, provide technical support during commissioning, complete all hand-over documentation and manage project close-out for beneficial use to TPL.