Petroleum Fund is a statutory organisation under the Ministry of Finance in Lesotho. Petroleum Fund has the mandate to collect revenue that is utilised for ensuring the supply security of petroleum products in Lesotho. In 2020 a needs analysis was completed which found a significant lack of access to petroleum products particularly paraffin but also petrol, and other petroleum products. Specific regions with the lowest accessibility and availability were the rural areas and the highland areas.

The study found a significant need for filling stations to address the lack of access to fuels. Based on the findings from the needs analysis, the Petroleum Fund has appointed EPCM to assist them with a feasibility study for the development of a network of mobile filling stations. The project focus on mobile filling stations rollout in the rural and highland areas in Lesotho.

Services provided:

The following services has been provided for the study:

  • Inception
  • Situational analysis that will include the following:
  • Market review to determine where the filling stations are required
  • Traffic study to determine the sizing of the filling stations
  • Design and technology selection of the filling stations
  • Financial evaluation of these filling stations
  • Feasibility report