Kumba Iron Ore Ltd (Kumba) has identified the need for inspections of the mobile office containers situated throughout the mine premises. This need calls for a visual inspection of the structural, electrical and firefighting compliance of the mobile office containers to ensure that they are repaired or replaced to provide safe and suitable working conditions for future use.

Based on a previous integrity study done it was found that only 13% of the 90 containers inspected were considered to be in an acceptable condition. Kolomela mine therefore sought the service of a professional consulting firm to perform a detailed integrity assessment (structural, electrical and firefighting facilities) on all of the mobile office containers and to provide a detailed list of each container’s specifications as well as a cost estimate required to bring nonconforming containers up to acceptable standard.

Services provided:

  • On-site inspection of all the mobile office containers.
  • An integrity assessment report documenting the condition of the container and the faults and defects found in each container to be repaired or replaced.
  • A bill of quantities for the repair or replacement works required for the defects found and possible improvements to prolong the containers service life.
  • A cost report comparing the cost of repairing the container versus replacing the whole unit.
  • A site plot plan indicating the position of each container.