Provision of mechanical-, electrical-, control-, instrumentation-, civil engineering, procurement and construction management services for a 180,000 m3 multi-product fuel storage facility.

Description of the project:

As part of the Multi-Product Pipeline (MPP) Phase 1 Project constructed, the Island View Terminal was partially constructed. Due to the failure of tank construction completion, an interim tight-lining solution was implemented where fuel is directly injected into the MPP, bypassing the Island View Accumulator Tanks.

Transnet has approved the project to reconstruct the Island View Accumulator Tanks. This project is essential to Transnet and South Africa due to increasing fuel demands currently not achievable due to the tight-lining configuration and infrastructure constraints. The main objective of the project is to complete the Island View Accumulator Tanks project.

The location of the project is at the TPL Island View (IVW) site, within the Cutler Complex situated in the Port of Durban’s Island View Terminal.

Project in summary includes the following:

  • Review and on-boarding of existing engineering designs for eight petrol and diesel fuel accumulation tanks (app. 160 000 m3 storage capacity);
  • Review and on-boarding of existing engineering designs for associated corridor equipment;
  • Development of new engineering designs from concept up to detailed engineering for a jet fuel tank and associated equipment;
  • Development and compilation of supplier and contractor packages;
  • Procurement management;
  • Project management;
  • Construction management; and
  • Contract management.

The project in summary includes all the associated work to complete the project including process-, mechanical-, piping-, civil-, fire-, structural-, electrical-, control- and instrumentation engineering, and utility services for the reconstruction of the accumulator tanks, as well as the area known as the Corridors area (including its interfaces to the currently operational fuel flow area at the site).

Services provided:

  • Review and onboard all existing petrol and diesel design’s previously completed for the project
  • Update petrol and diesel designs for FEL 3 should there be any changes required due to changes in codes and standards or modifications for incorporating a new jet tank
  • Develop designs for a new jet tank into the existing configuration from Conceptual Phase to sufficient detail in order to produce a FEL 4 compatible estimate for time, scope and cost of the FEL 4 phase
  • Conduct site assessments, inspections and audits on existing materials and equipment installed and stored in TPL stores on site
  • Conduct a demolition assessment for potentially demolishing the existing jet fuel tank T2107 and bund areas for tank T2108
  • Develop procurement packages for construction / EPC contractors; and
  • Manage the construction of the project (should FEL 4 realise).