490km liquid fuel pipeline, 370 000m³ multi-products fuel storage facility and CBM import / export facility

The Horn of Africa Pipeline Project (HOAPP) is a 490km liquid fuel pipeline and a 370,000m³ storage depot (API 650), designed to import multi-fuel products into the Port of Djibouti and transport the products to storage facilities in Awash, Ethiopia (near Addis Ababa).

The project included a Conventional Buoy Mooring System (CBM), offshore 5.1km 26” pipeline, onshore 370,000 m³ buffer storage depot at Damerjog in Djibouti (15 tanks with diameter > 19m), onshore 490km x 20” pipeline from Damerjog to Awash in Ethiopia and interface treatment facilities in Awash

Service Provided:

  • Project management
  • Reviewing and updating the Feasibility Studies
  • Compilation of the Master Plan, including offshore import facilities design, pipeline systems design, new storage terminal layout and sizing
  • Economic and Financial Evaluations
  • Detailed CAPEX & OPEX Estimations for offshore, storage terminal and pipeline facilities
  • FEED study reviews
  • Compilation of EPC and O&M contractors’ work scope, tender evaluations