Finance, design and construction of a 40 000 m² retirement village

Description of the project:

Perfectly situated within Harbour Bay, a multi-functional development that combines luxury residence with world-class amenities such as retail, restaurants and a sophisticated medical facility.

More than just a normal development, Harbour Bay is a blend of superior lifestyle comforts and conveniences that are found right on your doorstep. There is no need to venture far when every aspect of living life well has been provided for.

Harbour Bay Village is the pinnacle of exclusive retirement living for the 50+. Here, peace of mind is paramount – from your health and wealth, to your lifestyle and personal security.

The development offers the opportunity to live a luxurious, carefree, retired life in the most carefully considered estate imaginable. Designed, developed and managed with the discerning investor and retiree in mind, it’s an exceptional solution for people looking to secure their future retirement in style.

Services provided:

  • Raising finance
  • Engineering and architectural designs
  • Land developments and re-zoning
  • Construction of village