EPCM Consultants Zimbabwe is contracted as the engineering consultants to evaluate and assess new tank locations as well the upgradation and safety of 67 Zuva retail fuel stations around Zimbabwe.

Scope of Works:

  • To visit each nominated ZUVA Retail Outlet site and carry a technical evaluation to determine the overall condition of existing;
  • Mechanical service
  • Electrical services
  • Building & Civil infrastructures including shop outlets
  • Spillage containment infrastructures
  • Roads & pavers
  • Storm water drainage
  • Canopy Inspections and Life Assessment’s
  • 3D Camera Visualisations
  • New tank area locations
  • Insect safety measure

Description of the project:

The technical evaluation is to be at a level to enable necessary recommendations & cost estimations for upgrading the Retail Outlets to an acceptable standard. The assessment is to meet prevailing national regulations, ZUVA SHEQ requirements, municipal by-laws, other statutory requirements including Industry good Practices. These services are as follow:

  • Complete the approved check-sheets, for 67 of the 77 sites as nominated by ZUVA.
  • Complete an inspection report based on the check-sheets with supporting evidence.
  • Provide Sketch line drawing showing general location of the underground piping
  • (ZUVA to provide information obtained from a recent project on Retail Outlet piping integrity)
  • Determine a suitable location to install a new underground storage tank(s) at each of the Retail Outlet Sites ( ZUVA to provide size of tank, including number of compartments, for each site).
  • Using the technical evaluation report prepare priced BOQ for each of the 67 Retail Outlet sites . BOQ to include the supply and installation of tank and associated HOPE piping.
  • Inspect forecourt Canopies (remove panels where necessary and replace after inspection) and prepare report on the condition and make recommendation on any further inspection and testing required to prove the structural integrity of the canopy.
  • Provide visuals (3D Camera and Laser) site photographs to support the technical evaluations carried out.
  • Report and recording safety protocols and systems in place – Assist in improving where necessary