EPCM, in partnership with iWater Solutions, is procuring, fabricating and supplying a containerised bioremediation water treatment plant for Botswana Copper Limited (BCL) in Selebi Pickwe, Botswana.

The purpose of the plant is to treat contaminated ground water and reduce high sulphur content caused by mining activities.

The treatment consists of a series of treatment phases, however is largely based on the sulphur reduction by bacterial activity housed in reactor units. The technology is developed by iWater and is currently rolled put at pilot phase at multiple mines and industries with the objective of upgrading the facilities to large scale facilities later in 2021. The process is suitable to clean ground water from a range of contaminants and heavy metals

Services provided:

  • 3D Modelling and Layout Design
  • Procurement, Fabrication, Testing, Transportation and Delivery