EPCM was contracted for the detailed engineering design and construction supervision of the aviation fuel pipeline and facilities from the Accra Plains Depot to the hydrant facility on the Accra airport. The project entailed the review and modification design of four existing Jet A1 storage tanks, modification of the discharge piping, a pumping station and 2 x 400 m pipelines from the tank farm to interconnect with the new airport refueling hydrant system.

Process and Mechanical Engineering Design of:

  • Cathodic Protection system design;
  • Section header from main storage into hydrant pump and filter bay;
  • Hydrant pump selection and specifications;
  • Hydrant pumps and filters and fueller loading pumps and filters, layout of pump and filter bay (2 x 12″);
  • Dual feeder lines to apron, including vertical and horizontal alignment low points;
  • Drains and high-point vents;
  • Tie-in arrangement of feeder lines with fuel hydrant system by others;
  • Hydraulic and surge analysis.