EPCM are experts in pipeline engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance. Both for physical and virtual pipeline systems. We cover the entire project chain from concept and feasibility studies through to FEED and detailed engineering packages.

Our expertise encompasses both small -and large diameter pipelines for the transportation of products, such as:

  • Crude oil – light to heavy, with diluents and sweet to sour
  • Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) – butane, propane and propylene
  • Natural gas – sweet as well as sour natural gas, dense phase and high pressure, including in cryogenic Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) form
  • Refined petroleum products – gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc.
  • Special use gases and chemicals – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia, liquid chlorine & sulphuric acid
  • Water – waste to potable, including seawater and produced water
  • Mining slurry lines

We cover all ancillary pipeline infrastructure:

  • Compression and pump stations, including associated SCADA control systems
  • PRMS and CMS stations
  • Upstream gas gathering networks, compression and processing
  • Pigging launchers and receivers

And we offer specialist pipeline services – standalone or part of our complete turnkey packages:

  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Hot Tapping (design and execution) and line stopping
  • Cathodic protection systems (design, installations and DCVG, PCM, CIPS surveys)
  • Pigging and Inline Inspection
  • Pressure testing

Virtual Pipelines

Apart from physical pipelines, we develop, engineer and implement virtual pipelines and networks – the modular transport of gas or liquid fuel with rail, truck and barges. Supported with a series of ancillary infrastructure on nodal points, such as regasify stations. This provides a continuous fuel feed for clients, not within reach of traditional pipeline networks.

Our team includes pipeline engineering professional and experts trained in all applicable pipeline software use. And they are experienced in all international codes and standards.