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Sub-sea CT Scanning to Assess Pipeline Corrosion

The field-tested CT Scan is an innovative alternative technique being successfully used by operators to non-intrusively check their pipelines located in ultra-deepwater subsea.


Dimethyl ether (DME) is an essential industrial product and serves as a viable replacement for petroleum diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).


Due to the increase in demand and increased rates for power and energy resources, engineers are trying different methods to produce fuel from hydrocarbons. Though most of the efforts are emphasized on biofuel, a small portion of efforts are also focused on producing fuel from waste plastics.

Virtual Pipelines

We discuss the process of supplying natural gas to a consumer who is neither connected directly to the main pipeline nor is able to acquire gas supplies through a local distribution company.

Trends in O&G Bioremediation

Bioremediation is the practice of converting harmful substances to environmentally safe products by the action of microorganisms.

Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Tanks and vessels have many uses within the oil and gas universe, including storage, decanting, product isolation for analysis, and chemical reaction systems. There are methods for cleaning residues and ensuring continued operation in a safe and efficient manner.

Saltwater Disposal Facilities

In the upstream O&G sector, saline wastewater is generated during the drilling, completion, and production of conventional and non-conventional gas and oil wells. There are methods for managing the produced water, typically including recycling/reuse and disposal into refurbished wells.

Renewable and Green Energy: Major Sources and Challenges

The importance of renewable and green energy sources is growing over fossil fuels because of fewer environmental problems and increasing our focus on sustainable solutions. This article will discuss the significance and challenges associated with prominent renewable energy source types.

Innovations in Desalination Process: Efforts in making the Desalination Process Efficient and Sustainable

The importance of the desalination process is increasing with the rising demand for clean water globally. This process still needs to have energy efficient and sustainable. This article has thoroughly discussed the recent innovations in the desalination process and future prospects.