Water and Waste Water Treatment


EPCM helps clients understand the value of water and how to convert today’s
biggest challenges into greater opportunities. We provide engineering,
fabrication, and EPC/Turnkey services to develop and upgrade water and
wastewater systems.
From the early stages of concept design, all the way to construction,
commissioning and maintenance, our professional team has the industry
knowledge and experience to provide integrated solutions.
Our capability spans across the full range of wastewater treatment options
from chemical, physical and biological processes, both continuous and
intermittent. We offer sludge and solid management systems from dewatering
and stabilising to advanced development for solids re-use, mineral reclamation
and energy generation.

Our water treatment engineering services cover conventional processes like

  • coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation to treat surface and
  • aeration, oxidation and disinfection,
  • membrane technologies like ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis
  • ion-exchange resins, and
  • biological treatment.

EPCM’s experience extends beyond the liquid side of infrastructure. There is
also waste components, including mineral reclamation, dewatering, biogas
generation, composting or waste to energy systems.

Industrial, Oil and Gas, and Mining Sectors

In particular, EPCM is active and experienced in the industrial, mining, oil and
gas sectors. Our thorough understanding of environmental regulations in each
of these allows us to tailor treatment requirements to match, where possible,
receiving waters background levels.

We have water and wastewater treatment capabilities span

  • Potable water treatment and distribution
  • Industrial Water Purification
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Biosolids, biogas and energy recovery
  • Sludge Management
  • Desalination of brackish and seawater
  • Water Management and Recycling
  • Treatment system plant design
  • Booster and pump station design
  • Subsurface utility engineering
  • Transmission, collection and conveyance design

Our water and wastewater treatment expertise, together with our engineering
fabrication, construction and EPC/Turnkey and business modelling offerings,
allow us to offer a complete solution for any technical water project.