Service – Surveying & Scanning


We offer a range of specialist surveying services, with the use of various type drones (fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs), 3D scanners and Ground Penetrating Radars.

Using these services on our own projects allow us to execute quicker and more cost effective than with traditional survey options.

Service Brochure

Typical Activities

Engineering Scanning and Modelling Services

  • High Resolution Scanning services – Civils, Mining, Volume calculations, Pipe-lines, Power-lines
  • Reverse Engineering Services – 3D Modelling (Plants, Pipe-network, Infrastructure)
  • Build-information management – 3D Layouts/As-built Models (example of a tank farm we scanned)
  • Mobile Road Mapping Services – Road/Construction surveying services

Aerial Surveying

  • Month-end- Surveying – Up to date Face Positions
  • Mine Mapping – Mine Layout/Lease Area
  • Face Mapping – Geotechnical analysis
  • Accurate Volume Calculations – Dumps/Stockpiles
  • Blast performance evaluation
  • Total material moved (TMM) determination