Service – Seawater Intake & Brine Outfall Systems


EPCM offers design and turnkey services for seawater intake and brine outfall systems. Our team has been involved with some of the most challenging and largest systems on the African coast.

Our team can assist from metocean modelling right through to fabrication and installation/construction of the nearshore infrastructure required.

Service Brochure

Typical Activities

  • Planning of metocean measurement campaigns and quality control of data as part of feasibility study data gathering
  • Assessment of local metocean conditions (e.g. waves, wind, water levels, currents) from measurements and/or calibrated numerical models
  • Wave penetration modelling for the optimisation of breakwater and basin layout
  • Site selection
  • Environmental and coastal considerations
  • Water quality modelling to assess flushing and circulation of stilling intake basin
  • Water quality objective
  • Dispersion modelling of outfalls e.g. brine, sewage or thermal plumes
  • Intake and outfall material choice and specification
  • Fabrication, construction and installation methodology
  • Intake head design
  • Diffuser design and opitimization
  • Required and achievable dilutions

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