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EPCM, through experience in larger capital infrastructure developments and collaboration with an aligned Corporate Finance firm, Ninety 10 Finance, can assist our clients with various corporate finance, project funding and -structuring services.

Through leveraging off strategic partnerships, we manage to combine unique engineering, project- and contract management, environmental, legal and financial skill set to engage relevant funders on projects in the sectors we operate. The offering applies to projects and ventures seeking seed funding, development funding, project funding, commercial funding, asset-based funding, and trade funding.

Service Brochure

Typical Activities

  • Performance of Project and Venture Financial Feasibility studies
  • Advisory services on Project and Corporate structuring
  • Financial Due Diligence related services
  • Financial Modeling related services
  • Business Optimisation services
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Project Funding
  • Market studies
  • Finance Arrangement and Structuring services
  • Expert Accounting Services on Disputes and Litigation
  • Business and Project Valuation related services
  • Financial Negotiation services

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