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EPCM, in conjunction with BK Diagnostics, offers a solution that manages and automates load utilisation during the time of day energy use for industrial users.

EPCM will assess requirements for a particular power user and decide when to implement this solution without compromising its core function and utility.  Where ever possible, the energy user will only be operated during the lowest possible tariff option.

The result is spectacular, with power savings of up to 30% without significant reductions in energy consumption.

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Typical Activities

Step 1: EPCM visits the site to assess the suitability of the operation to adopt a time of day tariff structure.  Some continuous processes do not have the requisite operating flexibility and are less suited to this approach.

Step 2: Following a process review, EPCM identifies the extent of the cost saving opportunity and prepare a pro forma electrical consumption invoice – should the proposed reductions be implemented.  This forms the basis against which the cost reduction will be implemented.

Step 3: EPCM makes an implementation proposal.  In the case of a more modern facility, the cost of implementation could be borne by EPCM. Older facilities may need additional capital for implementation.  EPCM recovers the costs of the system implementation, including customization APP development and ongoing support as a percentage of the saving achieved.

This system integrates well with all major control systems and field equipment.

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