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EPCM specialize in BIM (Building Information Modeling) where we use these functions in different areas of our business.  BIM has only recently entered the Petrochemical and Mining industry where as previously it was only done by the Architectural environment.  EPCM uses BIM from FEED design up to construction to show clients on site what the 3D Intelligent models look like to understand designs much easier.

We focus on complete BIM integration to suit every client’s needs, 3D modeling and scheduling to suit the project.  These functions ensure that when planning and construction starts, teams understand scheduling issues and possible construction issues.

Using our Multi-disciplinary teams, designs are done to standard to complete the BIM levels.  BIM levels are different for every situation but the generic Levels are shown in Image 1 below.  Following the principles of the levels we compile our BIM system.  EPCM has completed the BIM levels up to 6D.  It is important to understand the BIM levels above and equal to 6D (Level 3) are still being developed, as well as the systems to combine all the different programs that can “do” BIM.

Everything revolves around the CDE (Common Data Environment).  This means that there is a system in place to accommodate all of the data from one company or from different contractors, ensuring that everyone has the most up to date information.

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Typical Activities

  • 3D Intelligent Modeling/Designing of Tank Farms, Natural gas Plants, Gas Pressure Reducing Station etc.
  • Creating a common data environment on client’s requirements.
  • Project Scheduling in appropriate Project Management programs.
  • Using appropriate BIM programs to create the 4D, 5D and 6D models.
  • Client Presentations to collaborate and minimize project changes.
  • Easily accessible information.
  • Client BIM stage assessment and readiness.

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