Retail Fuel


EPCM provides services in the Fuel Retail industry through new installations, general maintenance and site civil/ mechanical engineering, fuel tank and line and testing and cleaning.
We have successfully executed on new and refurbished retail station projects for our clients using modern project management techniques and software, resulting in significant savings and shorter construction programmes.
Our experienced teams are able to provide turnkey solutions for all small and large repairs, new installations and decommission in both the retail and commercial sectors.


  • New retail station development, planning and construction
  • Refurbishing existing retail station
  • Tank Cleaning
    • VacuTrawl – standard vacuum cleaning process of fuel tank bottom cleaning.
    • VacuFlush – Specialised flushing to revitalise dormant tanks.
    • Product Swop or Tank Conversions – Conversion of tanks and lines to accommodate for an alternative product.
    • Water Removal – Effective removal of water using our vacuum cleaning process.
    • Scrubber Unit – Filtering, cleaning and de-watering of stored fuel.
  • Tank Testing and Fuel Line Testing Services
    • Vacusonic Tank- and Line Testing – Integrity testing of underground fuel tank installations.
    • Pressure Testing – Inert gas pressure testing of above ground fuel tanks & underground fuel tanks and lines.
    • Non-Destructive Testing – Wall thickness testing of fuel tanks and lines on above ground installations.
  • Fuel Tanks – Supply, installation, decommissioning and removal of above- and underground fuel storage tanks.
  • Installation maintenance – full-service maintenance activities on existing installations.
  • Pipelines – Supply, certified installation, replacement of all types of steel and fuel grade/ approved HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipelines and steel pipelines
  • Design and supply of mobile fuel stations (petrol, diesel, LPG and LNG)
  • Fittings– all types of petroleum installation fittings
  • Pumps and Pump Sets – Supply, installation, replacement and maintenance of new and reconditioned pumps and pump sets
  • Sleeving – installation of all sleeving on forecourt to P.O.S (point of sales) consoles
  • Leak Detectors – Replacement of faulty leak detectors.
  • Safe Disposal – Safe disposal of contaminated products in accordance with national environmental standards.
  • Manholes – Construction and fitment of manhole covers
  • Concrete – Cut, break and replacement of concrete as per required standards
  • Islands – Construction of fuel pump/dispenser islands
  • Slabs – Casting of all slabs on the forecourt including containment slabs
  • DCP Testing – Density Compaction Testing
  • Vapour Recovery System – ensuring fuel vapour is not lost to the atmosphere during the delivery process

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