We provide comprehensive services for clients developing hydrogen projects. 

Being a diverse engineering project delivery house, our team of engineers and researchers continuously invest in adopting new technologies to create a zero-emissions economy. Our carbon reduction initiatives aim to eliminate greenhouse gases, promote a hydrogen economy and create a clean energy future.

EPCM provides expert hydrogen-focused transitional services to conventional government and private sector energy users. 

Being a turnkey delivery engineering firm, our hydrogen-related services include the following:

  • Energy conversions
  • Electrolysis and power-to-gas systems
  • Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), -cars and -buses
  • Hydrogen energy for transportation and power generation
  • Hydrogen filling stations
  • Hydrogen-powered fuel cells
  • Small-scale hydrogen reformers
  • Energy storage on a hydrogen or battery basis
  • Integration with renewable energies
  • Industrial heating
  • Hydrogen technology in the alternative energy field