EPCM provides total solutions for fire protection systems, encompassing infrastructure, technology, personnel and equipment.

On all our projects, we utilise and consult on the current SANS, NFPA, British and FM standards.

We offer customised fire protection services ranging from full turnkey solutions to various level design, fabrication, procurement and maintenance (Service Level Agreements) as standalone offerings.

Our expertise extends to the following fire systems:

  • Gaseous Fire Suppression systems for Electrical Equipment (Clean Agent – Novec 1230, Inert Gases – IG55, IG-01 etc.)
  • Deluge Systems on conveyors or as cooling systems in industrial and mining applications
  • Foam Systems on Oil Storage Tanks, Transformers, Depots, Loading Facilities (Foam Monitors, Top Pourers, Foam Inductors) etc.
  • Sprinkler Systems for Buildings and Special risk
  • Hydrant and Hose reticulation
  • Detection Systems for any application

EPCM has trading agreements with major international manufacturers for approved equipment, such as:

  • Gas Suppression Equipment
  • Deluge equipment (Valves, Nozzles)
  • Foam Equipment (Inductors, Foams, Monitors)
  • Sprinkler equipment (Alarm Valve, Sprinklers from K8 to K115, ESFR’s, Dry- Sprinklers)
  • Misting Systems
  • Detection Equipment (Panels, Detectors, Analogue and Addressable, Infra-Red Detectors etc)
  • Pumps (Diesel, Electric, Jockey and Panels)