Intake, Outfall and Marine Pipelines


Intake and outfall systems are used globally to draw in sea- or fresh water for use in onshore facilities- mainly for drinking water, energy generation at power stations and mining.

EPCM’s diverse team has vast experience and understanding of all the various elements that form part of these complex systems. Challenges in designing intake and outfall systems range from structural engineering, to consideration and protection of the marine environment.

Our multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities encompass structural design, water pre-treatment and desalination, transport system hydraulics, energy dissipation, diffuser design, plume and dredge spoil dispersion modelling.

Our experts in coastal engineering ensure that our designs incorporate characterization of the marine surroundings, considering coastal elements such wind, tides, waves, currents and stratification, and environmental factors like possible impingement and entrainment. With coastal impact studies and environmental assessments, we can assist our clients with regulatory approval and permits.

As leaders in the industry, EPCM provides solutions that are integrated, innovative, functional and flexible to the changing environment, meeting our clients’ practical needs while maximizing long-term value using financial modelling and market analysis.

As a turnkey delivery engineering firm, we offer the full scope of services to our clients including feasibility studies, FEED, basic and detailed design, life cycle cost analysis and financial modelling, construction, project management, operations and training, risk assessments, due diligence, asset valuations, refurbishments and maintenance planning.

EPCM’s areas of expertise in this sector include:

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Approval
  • Coastal Impact Studies
  • Engineering Diving Services
  • Site Selection
  • Dispersion and Dilution Prediction Modelling
  • Design of Effluent Discharge Systems
  • Transport System Hydraulics
  • Marine Pipelines and Pump Stations
  • Structural Design of Intake and Outfalls
  • Pre-treatment and Desalination Plants (SWRO, MED, MSF)
  • Geotechnical Surveys