EPCM Holdings offers fabrication services for virtually any size project. From modular gas processing skids to large-scale material handling and mining equipment. Both for the on- and offshore markets. 

Our team of in-house professional engineers provides engineering design input and backup to all projects, allowing us to execute them as fabrication-only projects and on a full EPC/Turnkey basis. 

EPCM Holdings has multiple fabrication yard facilities in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, and UAE, from where we assemble, fabricate, and ship units globally to their final destination. 

Our UAE facilities (Dubai, Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi) offers large-scale fabrication capabilities through our Joint Venture with Fabtech International, one of the largest Middle-Eastern based yards. This JV joins EPCM’s Engineering and Fabtech’s fabrication capabilities into a one-stop EPC solution provider. It offers design, fabrication, procurement, construction, installation, and maintenance to the up- mid- and downstream clients in the Middle Eastern region.

All our facilities carry the necessary management and fabrication certifications and procedures, complying with industry best practices and international standards of work. Our workforces consist of locally recruited, trained, and developed labourers and artisans.


South Africa

  • Johannesburg: 17 000m2 (Workshop / Yard)
  • Durban: 2 400m2 (Workshop)
  • Richards Bay: 1 500m2 (Workshop)
  • Secunda: 400m2 (Workshop)


  • Port Harcourt: 13 000m2 (Workshop / Yard / Warehouses)
  • Harcourt: 18 000m2 (Workshop / Yard Port)


  • Valletta Port: 25 000m2 (yard) / 10 000m2 (Workshop)


  • Vilancoulus: 300m2 (Workshop)

UAE (Fabtech-EPCM Joint Venture)

  • Jebel Ali: 100 000m2 (Fabrication Facilities)
  • Dubai: 300 000m2 (Fabrication Facilities)
  • Abu Dhabi: 50 000m2 (Fabrication Facilities)


Richard’s Bay


Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali Jetty

Abu Dhabi


Port Harcourt #1

Port Harcourt #2