Drill Rigs


We specialise in the manufacture of custom hands-free drilling rigs, as well as drilling equipment and various drilling transportation solutions. Our customised drill rigs and drilling equipment have earned a reputation for rugged reliability, low maintenance, and excellent performance.

With innovative drilling rig designs and continuous improvements we ensure development of world class technologically advanced drilling equipment.

Our range of drilling equipment is robust and tough, able to withstand the harshest of climates and work in even the most remote parts of world. They are German made, with world class workmanship.

Have a look at some of our drilling equipment here:

1) Drill Rigs (Truck, Track, Trailer or Tractor Carrier)

  • RC & DTH Rigs
  • Directional Drilling Rigs
  • Diamond Core Rigs
  • Sonic Rigs
  • Borehole Rigs
  • Pole Hole Rigs
  • Blast Rigs
  • Dewatering Rigs
  • Underground Rigs

2) Crawler Carriers

  • Rod Carriers
  • Compressor Carriers
  • Utility Carriers
  • Fuel & Water Service Carrier
  • Personnel Carriers

3) Rod Handlers & Roto Magazine ‘Hands Free’