EPCM Holdings provides various digital offerings, such as technology solutions, managed services, web and application development, and technical support for various industries. We are experts at delivering bespoke software solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, system integration solutions and IT consultancy services.

Our team has decades of combined experience in digital services. This allows us to confidently scope, execute and manage complex technology solutions – throughout the development life cycle. Whether that is off-the-shelf solutions for smaller clients or bespoke developments for multinational corporations.

With offices spread across the globe, we can respond locally to most clients. And efficiently work across time zones and cultures.

We actively listen to understand our client’s needs, analyse the problem and propose solutions in an agile manner. Aiming to improve our clients’ business process efficiencies through business process re-engineering – combined with suitably selected or developed technologies.

All our projects are executed with full client transparency during the entire development. Taking our clients along in the process, engaging constant feedback and delivering products without surprises.


Our range of digital services include:

  • Software Design & Development
    • Feature Rich Web Development
    • Application Development
  • Business Support and Process automation
  • Systems Integration (Software-Software & Hardware-Software Integration)
  • IoT & Digitization
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (AR & VR), including data point collection, e.g. surveying and scanning
  • Business Analysis & Solution Design for software requirements

Our digital solutions are backed with our in-house global pool of multi-disciplinary engineering, consulting, operations & maintenance, financial and project management expertise – who operate across the energy, industrial, infrastructure, mining and health sectors.

These deep resources allow us to understand the challenges of various industries and respond effectively intimately.

Indeed, many of our digital solutions are developed for ourselves. Resulting in robust and pragmatic software and technology that have been field-tested.