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Gas Metering and Regulator Stations

Natural Gas Metering and Regulator stations form a vital link the the Oil and Natural Gas supply chain, providing key services and industry solutions, modular designs, and greater information connectivity.
Pigging Pipelines

Pigging Pipelines — An Overview

Pigging is the foundation of pipeline construction, maintenance, and decommissioning. Designed to ensure continual product flow while minimizing capital and operating cost.
Pipeline Buoyancy

Pipeline Buoyancy

Pipeline buoyancy is one of the major challenges that must be resolved when a pipeline is to be installed offshore, across a river or swampy terrain. The pipeline must be analyzed for floatation during the design phase of the project. Any sections of a pipeline subjected to buoyancy force experiences bending stress which may result in structural failure of the pipeline, inline connections failure such as flange leakage.
hot tapping

Hot Tapping and Line Stopping – Overview

Few engineering procedures can modify, repair, and improve operating equipment while they remain in service; far less are the number of procedures that are also environmentally friendly, involve less risk, and firmly claim a 60%-80% expense reduction when compared with competing procedures. Nearly a century of widely practised hot tapping and plugging techniques confidently generate these facts.
Multi-Product Pipelines

Multi-Product Pipelines

Multi-Product Pipelines are used to transport different hydrocarbon liquid products in batches in a single pipeline such as diesel, petrol, kerosene and jet fuel. This article looks at the design standards and considerations that are crucial when designing, installing, and operating a multi-product pipeline.

Modularization for hydrocarbon pipelines in Africa

In this article, EPCM will discuss the major items that can be supplied in modular format for hydrocarbon pipelines
Successful Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping – Advice on Successful Pipeline Tapping

In many cases for production lines and plants it is crucial to keep pipelines online and producing, however, it also becomes necessary to reroute, tie in additional lines or do maintenance on pipelines. This is where hot tapping can provide critical and much needed support to keep the product flowing in the line while doing work.
Pipeline Current Mapping Survey

Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM) Survey

The PCM has been designed to overcome the shortcomings of the existing techniques CP fault finding techniques and now provides pipeline engineers with an accurate, cost-effective product that can be used in all weather and ground conditions. This article explains more about Pipeline Current Mapping Surveys.

Marine Structured Wall PE Pipelines – KRAH

EPCM has partnered with Krah Pipes to offer turnkey solutions for large PE marine application pipelines (up to 5m) for cooling and desalination intake/outfalls. This article by Krah discuss the various technical matters related to the installation and performance of these type of marine pipelines
Seawater Intake & Outfall Systems

Seawater Intake & Brine Outfall Systems

Systems, parts, and design considerations needed in the designing of large scale seawater intake & brine outfall systems for desalination plants or power station cooling water.