Managing Millennials

The vast majority of our company are millennials. How do we manage them? Keep them motivated? Get the best out of them? It's not so hard, but it is a completely different way of approaching your team than traditional methods.

Gas Fired Water Bath Heaters

Gas-fired water bath heaters are a type of heater utilized in a wide variety of settings and industries for process heating. This article takes you through all the basics of this technology.

Offshore Moorings Systems Hierarchy

A breakdown of all offshore mooring systems in hierarchical form

Marine Structured Wall PE Pipelines - KRAH

EPCM has partnered with Krah Pipes to offer turnkey solutions for large PE marine application pipelines (up to 5m) for cooling and desalination intake/outfalls. This article by Krah discuss the various technical matters related to the installation and performance of these type of marine pipelines

Single Point Mooring (SPM) CALM Buoy Systems - The Ultimate Guide

A Single Point Mooring (SPM) CALM system is an offshore mooring point used to facilitate tankers loading or discharging various forms of liquid product cargo near onshore storage or production fields. In this guide, we give you a full overview of what this system is all about.

Tropical Cyclone Modelling for Design of Coastal Infrastructure

Tropical cyclones (also known as hurricanes or typhoons) are formed over warm waters of the tropical oceans and have the potential to produce intense rain and abnormally high winds. This article outlines the difficulties faced by engineers tasked with designing coastal infrastructure to withstand such events and presents some best practice approaches for undertaking this task.

Design of Large Scale Seawater Intake & Brine Outfall Systems

Systems, parts, and design considerations needed in the designing of large scale seawater intake & brine outfall systems for desalination plants or power station cooling water
SPM image

Choosing Between SPM CALM and CBM Mooring

Discussed in this report are the characteristics of and comparisons between Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems and Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) systems, also referred to as Multi-Buoy Moorings (MBM).