Drilling Rigs, Engines, & Fuels

Upstream producers continually adopt the most agile and effective technologies, including dual-fuel and dedicated natural gas engines. Skyrocketing availability of inexpensive natural gas has produced an equally agile fuel source, while modular design allows for simple turnkey LNG fueled drilling rigs that reduce cost and emissions significantly for operators.
NG main

Gas Metering and Regulator Stations

Natural Gas Metering and Regulator stations form a vital link the the Oil and Natural Gas supply chain, providing key services and industry solutions, modular designs, and greater information connectivity.
Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels: Review

Our book review for Moral Case of Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein. A fantastic read that demonstrates why the continued use of fossil fuels is not only necessary but morally defendable - providing us with cheap, and reliable energy.
The United States Shale Revolution

The United States Shale Revolution

Shortly after the U.S. Shale Revolution kicked off it began to pull the United States from recession with an enormous production of shale oil and natural gas. This revolution transformed the U.S. from an importer of natural gas to a dominant exporter, dramatically reduced emissions, increased electricity generation from natural gas and has exhibited tremendous influence on world politics.
Brulpadda Total's offshore discovery

What does Brulpadda, Total’s offshore discovery, mean for SA’s future?

The finding of significant quantities of gas condensate on the Brulpadda prospects, has ramifications for the energy sector and especially the gas economy in South Africa and has everyone including our president talking, but what does the find actually mean and how will it impact our industry.
Energy Outlook – Oil and Gas (DNV Report Notes)

Energy Outlook – Oil and Gas (DNV Report Notes)

In efforts to make the world’s energy system cleaner and more efficient, there is a focus on transitioning to a lower-carbon energy mix. DNV’s excellent Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) Report provides an outlook and forecast on the world’s energy mix to 2050. This summary focusses on the oil and gas sector report.

Direct DME Synthesis From Natural Gas

Dimethyl ether (DME) has been identified as an attractive fuel alternative and has seen an exponential increase in demand in the Asia Pacific. Dimethyl ether (DME) is a non-petroleum based transportation fuel, to act as a clean replacement for diesel fuel. Forecasts predict that the DME market will increase rapidly in the rest of the world.
Understanding Natural Gas and LNG

Understanding Natural Gas and LNG Options Handbook – Summary

The future of natural gas and liquid natural gas looks promising in Africa: Both as a natural gas resource and a potential import market. We summarise the key points here for 'Understanding Natural Gas and LNG Option Handbook' which has a specific focus on LNG for Africa

Where Natural Gas is Found and How it is Obtained

A high level look at how natural gas is formed and the typical methods use to extract this natural resource