Designing Your Business To Fight Corona

Designing Your Business To Fight Corona

This article will help you design a business for the future that needs to be virus proof. In particular, a Corona proof business.

Performance Management For Millennials – Engineers Included!

Why is performance management a ’thing’ in organisations at all? The textbook and international codes of good practice tell us that a responsible company has a way of assessing and rewarding the contributions of its people. In this article we are going to check the assumptions that gave rise to this ‘thing’, why it went wrong and what can be done to get it right, if indeed there is a need for it at all.
Selecting Employees for the Engineering Environment

Selecting Employees for the Engineering Environment

When engineering firms recruit new graduate employees, they look at the candidates’ academic record, or may opt for giving bursaries to the top performing student and ensure they attract the best talent. Offering high initial salaries to graduates is another frequently employed technique to ensure the top employees can be recruited into the business. This is a problem.

Benefits of Millennials – 7 Reasons Why They Can Make You Millions

By 2020, Millennials will be the majority workforce. Managers HAVE to realise the benefits of Millennials and how they can contribute to project success!

That’s not my name!

Remembering a person's name is more important than you think, this article will strive to give you some basic techniques that can be followed to remember the names of people you meet.
Don't Delegate Like an Engineer

Don’t Delegate Like an Engineer

Engineers would rather do it themselves than fix their team member's work. An approach adopted by most in technical fields. Yet, the only way to grow and move forward, as an individual, team and company is to learn to effectively delegate.
Motivation In An Engineering Project Environment

Motivation In An Engineering Project Environment

This article focus on getting the most out of the people that work for you in the engineering project environment by motivating them correctly.
Don't Present Like An Engineer

Don’t Present Like An Engineer

Many really solid projects or products get lost in translation between engineers trying to present and sell their product and the audience they want to sell to. This article will thus attempt to give engineers some simple rules for technical presentations that they should follow to help them get their message across to the rest of the world.