Brulpadda Total's offshore discovery

What does Brulpadda, Total’s offshore discovery, mean for SA’s future?

The finding of significant quantities of gas condensate on the Brulpadda prospects, has ramifications for the energy sector and especially the gas economy in South Africa and has everyone including our president talking, but what does the find actually mean and how will it impact our industry.
Construction Delivery Models

Construction Delivery Models

Construction projects can be executed under a variety of delivery models, including design-build, early contractor involvement and alliance models, amongst others. In order to ensure the success of a construction project, it is vital to choose the most appropriate delivery model. Each delivery model comes with distinct features and the client should consider how the differences align with the project's goals and characteristics.
Infrastructure project finance

Infrastructure Project Finance – A Know How Guide

Project finance is as crucial to driving infrastructure projects and ensuring their success than engineering, if not more. A lot of time of EPCM is spent raising finance on our own or client's projects. Learn the basics here of what elements are role players are involved with infrastructure Project Financing.
Procurement From China

Procurement From China

This article explains the procurement process when procuring from China and also explain how to control quality when procuring from them. Although China has been trading with the whole world for almost 40 years now, a number of companies, especially from developing countries, are still very worried about the perceived quality they get from China. This needs to change.
EPC Project Execution

EPC Project Execution

With the African market becoming more mature and understanding the project execution models better, there has been a big rise in EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) projects being executed in Africa. Although EPC project have been executed all over the world, it’s a very new model for Africa and South Africa and project houses do not really understand how to execute the projects using an EPC execution model.
Infrastructure Project Development: 

Infrastructure Project Development 101

Having worked with a number of project developers as well as developing projects in Africa and internationally, the following project development model was developed. By following the steps outlined below, project developers can improve their chances of closing projects, spend less money and time in developing the projects and improve the perception of project development.

EPCM and EPC Contracting Strategies

In the project environment, two major execution models are used; EPCM (Engineering, procurement and construction management) and EPC (Engineering, procurement, and construction). Although the outcome of the project should be very similar, the two models have distinct differences. It's important to understand when to select the correct model.